Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'm a doula!!

WOW!! I can't believe I did it! This past Thursday through Sunday I went to a very intensive doula training workshop. It was pretty much amazing to sum it up!! The first day was all about childbirth education, then we went through the stages of labor in detail the following three days. If you can spend 44 hours in 4 days and not get tired of the topic of birth/labor.. this might be the job for you! I learned so much. That doesn't even encompass it. I still have so much to learn though. I have a clear plan of attack on the next phase, of getting myself and my name out there, and getting some clients. But we need a car :D Oh the little things. We returned our rental van back to Enterprise yesterday. Hopefully we will be able to buy a new car this week.

So this is what the calm before a new storm of busy-ness feels like. I spent my day catching up with correspondence online, watching my favorite Christmas movie EVER (The Family Stone) with my sleeping babe, we decorated our tree, and now Jason is making homemade veggie burgers!

Thats all for now! Hope everyone has a great holiday!

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